Jefferson 1 Update

April 21, 2008

The Jefferson 1 – now known to be Brooke Oberwetter -has had the arrest expunged from her record, however, they aren’t dropping the ridiculous “interfering with an agency function” charge and have added an even more ridiculous charge of “demonstrating without a permit.”  The case has also upgraded from DC Court to the federal court.

As many of you know, a permit is only required for demonstrations of more than 25 people.  Although this may fit the definition of a demonstration, a permit would still not be required for the Jefferson Birthday Dance as there was less than 25 people involved (unless you count the cops and nonparticipating tourists).  This charge is completely bogus.

If you haven’t yet, please consider donating to the Free The Jefferson 1! Defense Fund.

This update is via the agitator.


2 Responses to “Jefferson 1 Update”

  1. pete Says:

    even if there were 25 folks or 250 folks I’m not a fan of ceding such authority to the State to decide on some arbitrury number…. As long as the attendees were not violating the equal negative rights of another they should be free to act

  2. xaqfixx Says:

    I agree completely, but from a stance of the legality of he charges NOT their morality it becomes an important detail. For example, if someone were caught with a small amount of illicit narcotics, although it may be immoral to arrest someone for drug possession, it is still very legal. This would be like arresting someone for possession, even though they didn’t have any drugs in the first place.

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